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Rain In A Rusty Bucket

It's what makes the bucket Rusty... and by the way, if you see Rusty tell her to write.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Baby Pictures

These pictures are really amazing. They show babies sucking their toes, rubbing their face, even opening their eyes all by the second trimester (some of the pictures even earlier).

They are thanks to a new ultrasound technique generating very clear pictures. Here is a baby smiling in the womb.

It's really amazing stuff. A revolution in understanding behavioral development in the womb has just occurred.

Monday, June 28, 2004

New Country and Government Elope, Call Family from Vegas

In a late breaking moment Iraq and it's new government have eloped in the dead of night. Asked if they didn't think this was a bit rash, and didn't it rob their family of the pomp and gravity of a historic moment, they said it was their Uncle's idea, they were too in love to wait, he gave them a hundred bucks and loaned them his car and they ran off to get wed with the same rituals performed, say, when the deed of a broken down car is signed over to a tow truck driver. No offense Iraq.